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We have been an integral part of the Palmyra, PA community under the charter of Trinity United Church of Christ for over 50 years. Our leadership team across the units is highly trained and has a combined experience in excess of over 200 years! Please follow the links on the left to view specific information about our individual units.

Our Scouting Program
Our Scouting Program is based on the principle that learning can be fun. Our various Scouting units will offer your son a unique learning experience throughout his journey to adulthood. Every scouting activity, and the manner in which it is organized and conducted, has a purpose behind it – to develop Character, Fitness, Citizenship, and Leadership. We believe that the personal and social development opportunities available through Scouting are not found in school or sports; Scouting is unique.

Your son will have many opportunities to learn, to improve, and to set his own goals for personal growth. As he advances and improves himself, he will be recognized.

Since Scouting is a voluntary program, we believe that boys must find the Scouting experience fun, challenging, and personally rewarding. Our Scouting Program is comprehensive and detailed. All our leaders have undergone extensive, highly professional training in the various disciplines associated with our activities. 

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