Boy Scout Troop

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Our Troop was chartered in 1960 and has been in operation since that time. We offer a varied program to suit the needs and interests of all members while still fulfilling the Boy Scouts of America's mission. We use of the Scout method to achieve this mission.

Boy Scout Troop 456 is part of the Horse-Shoe Trail District of the Pennsylvania Dutch Council , Boy Scouts of America, and each Troop is actually "owned" by their sponsoring organization through a chartering agreement with the Boy Scouts of America. Trinity United Church of Christ, South Railroad and Pine Streets, Palmyra PA is the chartered partner of Boy Scout Troop 456.

Membership in Troop 456 is open to any boy who has completed 5th grade, or earned the Cub Scouts Arrow of Light award, or is at least 11 years old but has not reached his 18th birthday. It is not necessary to have been a Cub Scout before joining the Boy Scouts. To join, a membership application must be completed and signed by one parent. Forms for medical history and insurance information must be filled out and there is a small membership cost of a few dollars which covers a subscription to Boy's Life, the Boy Scouts of America magazine for Scouts. Contact the Troop, or come to one of our Troop meetings, if you are interested in more information about joining a Scouting program.

Troop 456 supplies parents with a Troop Guidebook containing information that will help you enjoy your Scouting experience. The policies and procedures of the Boy Scouts of America, the local Pennsylvania Dutch Council, and our own Troop's methods of operation and traditions are contained in the Guidebook.

Regular Troop meetings are held on Monday evenings, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, throughout the year. Meetings are held in the basement of Trinity United Church of Christ, South Railroad and Pine Streets, Palmyra, unless a special location has been previously announced. In summer, meetings are frequently held at Camp Troxell, north of Palmyra near Bindnagle's Church.

Troop Calendar
All the planned activities for the year are listed on our Troop calendar prepared by our Patrol Leader's Council at their annual planning weekend. Our calendar is prepared from accurate and available information at the time of our annual planning session. Any changes to our calendar will be announced at Troop meetings and the scout will convey the information to you. Our monthly newsletter, the Bootprint, will contain the most up-to-date information if it is available far enough ahead of time, as will the online calendar.

Troop Organization
Troop 456 follows the Boy Scouts of America's plan for a "youth-run" Troop. Trained Adults are present to oversee and provide guidance and assistance, not to conduct or plan the meetings and activities. The Troop is run by the boys both elected and appointed by their fellow Scouts or the Scoutmaster. Together, these boys form the Patrol Leaders' Council, and are responsible for planning and carrying out much of the Troop program.

Boy Scouting is not just about having meetings and wearing uniforms. It is about doing things and learning about one's self and our world. Each year, the Patrol Leader's Council plans a variety of activities, including trips, campouts, hikes, meeting themes, and parties. After the year is outlined, each family receives a copy of the troop calendar to use for planning the Scouting year.

Scouts have a lot of fun outdoors. They also learn a lot about themselves and their world by being outdoors. It is a great place to build self-confidence while learning new skills. Their are also many advancement requirements based on outdoor activities. Troop 456 attempts to provide planned outdoor activities to satisfy the interests of all of the members. This includes summer camp at Camp Bashore, weekend campouts, day hikes and trips, family camping trips, and High Adventure camps such as the Florida Sea Base in the Florida Keys, Northern Tier Camp in Minnesota/Canada, and Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. All Scouts, in living the Oath and Promise, seek opportunities to provide service to others through Troop sponsored Service Projects for the community.

Parents are always welcome on our regular outings, including overnight camping. Simply come to our Troop room, get the necessary information, and sign your name in the signup book. Parents will tent with the other adults unless it is a specified parent-son campout. Parental permission slips are required for all activities.

Troop Committee
The Troop Committee provides support for the Scoutmaster and his Assistant Scoutmasters in many ways. All parents are encouraged to join the Troop Committee. Meetings are held at 8:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month, except for August. They meet in the parlor of the church and the meetings generally last one hour.

The chartering organization and the Boy Scouts of America approves adult leaders. These men and women are trained to use the Scouting program to bring out the best in each of the boys. They are interested in helping boys become men that will be assets to society. Adult leadership positions include the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. All leaders must be over the age of 18 and registered with the Boy Scouts of America.

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